The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for September 21, 2012

G’day! As of this Odin’s Wife’s Day, I’ve had a good week, spending some time as a night owl while working on study notes into the wee hours of the morning for the past few days and on this post as well. It feels awesome to actually get something useful done… I suppose that’s just my brain chemically rewarding me for adaptive behavior, but let’s not get too self-congratulatory…

There has been much podcast watching and listening going on, with my review of Kylie Sturgess‘ program, Token Skeptic, posted this Sunday. DO check out her show — she’s got a good combination of great topics and interesting guests. I’ve also been listening to The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, and the New York City Skeptics’ show and the blog Rationally Speaking, both worth separate entries of their own — Soon, soon my pretties, I shall post something on them… BwaHaHaHa!

Despicable Me

Despicable Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lecture-watching and note-taking is finally completed for my Critical Reasoning course, so I’ll be going back over those in study on the weekend. Time was also spent working on the images and screenshots of the Mandelbulber setting tabs for a tutorial planned for next week, though I apologize for not getting off my backside and finishing the redux of the How to Argue post I’ve got pending. I still must complete the logic tables and full text for that one, and then arrange both so I don’t run into the glaring completeness problems of the first release — Not very reader-friendly, I’ll say!

There’s writing to be done this weekend, so that and study shall occupy much of my available time, though I’ll try to squeeze in a bit of work on my online projects as well. I’ve engaged in a bit of silliness by watching Despicable Me, which was… entertaining… despite being a kid’s movie — I suspect some of the humor in the cultural references would go over many children though, especially the ’70s disco stuff.

On my friend Kate’s blog was posted Why I’m happy to keep destroying the joint…, and CatDog Thursday,

At Left Hemispheres, there’s Geological Timescale for Creationists and Jesus Had A Wife? Prompts a Random Quote of Irony,

Also posted on various sites there is,

A Bit of Homeopathy Nonsense in the BMJ

Weird Newszapalooza!

Eve, Pandora, and the Afterthought Woman

Politics & Public Opinion: David W. Moore on Pollsters

How Are We Supposed to Reason with These People?

30 Renowned Authors Inspired by Cats

Why Futurama Hasn’t Jumped the Shark

Christianity Disproved

Koro Syndrome: The Irrational Fear of Lethal Genital Shrinkage

Warp Drives may be More Realistic Than Previously Thought — Maybe…We’ll see…

The Believers

Gaze Upon the Most Disturbing My Little Pony ever Made

Hundreds flock to 3-year old healer in Cambodian village

Undead Threat: Zombie Scenario to be Used as a Training Tool at Counter-Terrorism Summit

Teller, the rose, its shadow, and the honor system

Inciting hate with deception: Is the blasphemous film a hoax?

Tales of a Siberian lake-monster: Speculation engaged, bring on the tourists

Meteors May Add Methane to Alien Planet Atmospheres

UFO mothership claim reflects badly

Teaching the History of Pseudoscience

Pascal’s Wager: It’s always a Bad Bet

Experiment Corrects Prediction in Quantum Theory

Ravi: State needs a Science Policy

Climate Change Skeptic No Longer Doubts Human Role in Global Warming

Conspiracy believers apt to deny warming

Dr Pepper’s Evolution Ad strikes a Nerve with Some Christians

Pascal’s Wager Revisited

Stat updates for this week:

  • 1850 posts published, including this one,
  • 1558 comments approved,
  • 174 WordPress and eMail subscribers,
  • 1731 Twitter fellowers, and…
  • 112,662 steely gazes worth of page views.

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