Favorite Podcasts: Token Skeptic

English: Profile Photo of Kylie Sturgess

English: Profile Photo of Kylie Sturgess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Caturday, I was doing some long and serious thinking about whether to stay with skeptical activism, or give it up and retool this blog for another purpose. I’ve meandered a bit on this blog over the last several months, but I decided to catch up on my podcasts and give things another try.

After listening to two back episodes of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (the subject for a post in its own right) I listened to Kylie Sturgess’ show, Token Skeptic, episode 136, and was blown away by the discussion she had in it with her guest.

A common idea, almost cliche in my view, is that whether you’re talking about resolve of any sort, trying it by serious thinking and honest doubt can make it more robust or invalidate it.

It has been a while since I’ve seriously dealt with skeptical issues on this blog with any real interest, but after exchanging a few tweets with Ms. Sturgess about her podcast, I decided to change that and involve myself in the community more, recluse that I’ve been.

Here goes.

Token Skeptic is the first solo podcast hosted by a woman, and Cthulhu knows, we need to involve more women in a demographic often much overrepresented by white males of the nerdish sort. the description on the Token Skeptic site’s “about” page starts with this, with linkies:

Token Skeptic – Why do we believe weird things? What does feminine intuition really mean? How do you become an effective activist for science and reason? Are you ready for a fortnightly show that poses these questions and more?

Tune into the Token Skeptic for a slightly more skeptical look at stories in the news, urban legends, good science, pseudoscience, and what makes popular culture pop.

This show features on Science for Skeptics on the 99.1FM station in Wisconsin and on Skeptical Sundays for WPRR 1680AM Public Reality Radio in Michigan.

Kylie’s show puts a good perspective on women’s issues and topics in skepticism, though she doesn’t do this exclusively, and in her recent blog post, Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books, she begins,

Just had a fun chat with Warren of Embiggen Books in Melbourne – and if you’re wanting a damned great recommendation list? This is the episode to enjoy.

I recommend checking out both Kylie’s blog and Embiggen ( I love that word…It just sounds so cromulent!) Books’ site and browsing the titles available, both from well-known and less well-known authors on topics relating to atheism, secularism, and religion. I’ve bookmarked the site, and I’ll be frequenting it quite a bit in future.

I’ll also be joining the science-based book club discussed in the podcast, and I recommend it highly for the intellectually badass.

So, take a listen to Token Skeptic, or watch the occasional vodcast episode of the show, and broaden your take on what it means to be a supporter of science and reason in a world with a real need for both.

You can find the show in the social sciences category on iTunes, and at other outlets linked to on this page.

If the show is your cup of tea, feel free to email Kylie, and tell her the sorts of things you’d like to see discussed on the show in future episodes.

What’s the harm? 🙂

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