The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for September 14, 2012

Bill Nye the Science Guy at The UP Experience ...

Bill Nye the Science Guy at The UP Experience 2010. Note: this photo is Creative Commons Attribution. You are welcome to use it with “photo by Ed Schipul” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Busy this week on study and a project for my fractal art, City of Glass, with some examples shown here. Monday I posted Consensus: It ain’t just politics in science and Wednesday, there was Symphony of Science – Our Biggest Challenge  This will be a more minimalist post, so, alrighty then and onward… I’ll post stat updates next week, though I will note here that this blog has passed its 112,000 keen-eyed peering earlier this week.

Proof Claimed for Deep Connection between Prime Numbers

“Stop the Madness!” The Problem with the Violence Stemming From Religious Criticism

Teenager dies on Amazon psychedelic retreat

False positives: fraud and misconduct are threatening scientific research

New wrinkle cream helps fight the signs of scientific evidence

Inferior lizard tails weaken hopes of regrowing limbs

4 freaky new bat species discovered

Cortez UFO is identified as Juno missile

The Food Fight in Your Gut: Why Bacteria Will Change the Way You Think about Calories

Planets can form in the galactic center

♥ Books, Crafts & Pretty Things Blog: Cat Thursday – hunting!

♥ Books, Crafts & Pretty Things Blog: The humble rubber band.

Left Hemispheres: Long Overdue, Obligatory Pascal’s Wager Post

Left Hemispheres: Penn State Group to “Stone an Atheist”

Left Hemispheres: The Absurd Logic of Apologizing for Islam

Bill Nye vs Those Who DeNye – A Discussion | Martin S Pribble

Was Tutankhamen epileptic?

Meet the Lesula: A newly discovered monkey species

A Lesson in Covering Pseudoscience

Blue UFOs In England Identified By Leicestershire UFO Research Society

Nanotechnology used in fight against counterfeiters

Indeterminism Comes Before Quantum Mechanics

South Korea will keep evolution in its high school textbooks!

Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Responds To Creation Museum: Creationism Is ‘Not Science’

Jennifer Michael Hecht – “Future of Skepticism: New Adventures in Critical Thinking” – TAM 2012 – YouTube

One thought on “The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for September 14, 2012

  1. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    Just when the world seems to be imploding into a super dense ball of stupid I manage to find a list of cool stuff to read. I am a nice person so I’ll share, with a huge shout out to “The Call of Trythulu” … He has quite the cool blog going. You should check it out. Here’s a sample.


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