Fractals of the Midweek: City of Glass project [part 1]

This week, I show some of the results of my first ongoing project; to generate fractal images which can easily pass for architecture, however strange, but seemingly crafted from crystal or blown glass, or more accurately, images which share some of the apparent optical properties of glass.

I began this project when examining a file that I had rediscovered in my Mandelbulber settings directory and modified, with some very interesting, and to me, beautiful results.

I then created several files (Julia sets) by using as a seed number specific 3D location coordinates on the base figure ( a Mandelbox), and examined their properties, comparing them and contrasting them, and I’ve found that most of them meet my needs, as far as can be managed.

My goal is to create a series of images reminiscent of mythical Atlantis at night, with palaces and towers and temples of crystal all lit from within, or alternately, gleaming in the light of day. I’ve recorded those parameter settings which could have any bearing on the figures’ optical traits and will be using these to alter the file I used to create my earlier post Nightside + Future Gotham to do this.

Here are a few of the trial results of this project:

All images in this post are original works by the author, generated via Mandelbulber from customized parameter settings, and are copyright 2012 Troy Loy

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