Fractals of the Week: Otherscapes

This week, I’m mixing images from different apps in one post. The top image was done using Fractal Domains, using a modified Newtonian or Halley method formula, the shapes produced by trapping the geometric orbits of the number set, and the color map was randomized and selected for in an almost Darwinian fashion, but artificially, not naturally.

The lower image may make some of you a bit queasy from the resemblance to diseased tissue or to me, something out of Lovecraft, but it’s a closer match than the above to what I’ve termed ‘horrific elegance,’ with it’s non-euclidean, alien-looking geometry giving sometimes monstrous results.

Maybe it could be something that Cthulhu’s interior decorator would come up with. This image was generated via Mandelbulber, using a customized parameter set, I believe a power-6 3D Mandelbrot set.

It’s hard to believe that such images were produced using a piece of hardware built with silicon chips employing mathematically precise software commands and formulas. But that’s science behind it all, both quantum electrodynamics, computer engineering, and the maths of fractal geometry.

 Images copyright 2012 Troy Loy

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