The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup

Cover of "Tom Kitten (Potter)"

Cover of Tom Kitten (Potter)

Happy Friday. This week I got a lot done studying, and probably putting less of a burden on your inboxes and blog feeds. I’m going to continue this trend by establishing a posting policy for this site: no more than seven posts weekly on a normal blogging schedule, with a single post a day, less commonly two a given day, and rarely, three entries on a given day, with each extra entry posted displacing the publishing of one on another day.

For written posts, I’ll limit myself to at most one per two days, so as to keep up the quality of the material, as was not the case with my recent entry on argument evaluation, which has been taken offline and is being redrafted and corrected, since it contained numerous errors obvious to even a first year student of logic. My bad. I don’t normally get that careless, but lack of inspiration and haste to post it played a large factor in that unpleasantness.


My appointment on Tuesday (my dental checkup) went well, and the biggest change this week was getting a new bookshelf with more vertical space than the old one, which is now used to store reclining cats instead of books. This is the new one below. Amazing what you can find in thrift stores, and it’s Teak, too!

Wednesday’s post was the only noteworthy one on the Call for this week, the Fractal of the Midweek: Allegory, though I didn’t mention the title’s connection with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in Meno Republic, due to the resemblance to stalactites in a cave of parts of the image.

Note to self: Provide more descriptive text to these in future, even a short tutorial on producing some images for others who may be curious about doing them themselves!

My friend Kate has posted Sex & the City Giveaway, and Cat Thursday — Tom Kitten, about a book by Beatrix Potter at Project Gutenberg.

Kriss has posted My Teacher Can Beat up Your Teacher, and Music and the GOP, where those naughty Republicans can’t seem to stay out of trouble using other people’s music without approval…

Elsewhere there’s, The Left Hemispheres Podcast: Interview Ep 01: Taylor Muse of Quiet Company, Bart Ehrman: How the Trinity was added to the Bible, & teh wacky for this week with “We Want to Take America Back to the Book of Genesis.”

Marty Pribble has two recent entries on his site (like the previous three sites, highly recommended) Atheism and Social Justice, and the latest episode of the Imaginary Friends Show Podcast.

on Musings from the Skeptical Left, Maria has posted “Atheists, Don’t do That!”

Also, theres…

What You Can Do To Fight Woo (in Five Minutes of Less)

How Nanotechnology Can Help after Flooding

on Watching the Deniers, the “Gotcha” Moment for Anti-Science Zealots

Hundreds of Women said to be Confined to Ghana’s Witch Camps

Token Skeptic: Episode 135: On Testing Shuzi Qi Claims With The Merseyside Skeptics

Robbie Williams to buy White Rock Island for UFO sighting

UFO secrets to be revealed soon Really? I’ll believe it when it happens.

Moral Evolution in Today’s Society

H.P. Lovecraft: If Religion Were True

Creationists Respond to Bill Nye’s Pro-Evolution Video

Why I am not a theistic evolutionist and why I do not “believe in” evolution

Hitchens on Free Speech

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