A Most Unusual Blog Award – Thank You!

one-love-blog-award-two1I’ve been looking for an opportunity to post this, and have been playing around for weeks with several ideas on what to say. This, of course, will be the version that survived the grueling selection process.

This site been nominated for the unofficial One Lovely Blog award, which is most unusual for a skeptical blog.

Since beginning the artwork for the Call, I’ve always thought of the fractals as dark and creepy — Well, okay, maybe just a wee bit nice to look at according to some, hence the coining of the phrase “horrific elegance” that is also used for this sites companion Tumblr page (big changes are due there BTW, including a repurposing of the page for more fractals, more sciencey stuff, reblogs of friends’ posts, and fewer Bollywood actresses.

But there are teh roolz for this award, whether this blog is creepy or lovely, or somewhere just… odd looking… in between:

[1] Thank the blogger who nominated you:

Appreciation for this award goes out to Brenda Fraser, and for her thinking of this blog as being something other than just weird in content. I recommend her site for those with a bent for more spiritual fare and much better poetry than mine.

[2] Give 7 random facts about yourself:

  • I’m a night-owl where my sleep-cycles are concerned.
  • I have fun reading textbooks casually, and still learn something from it.
  • I’m working to improve my study and reading skills, to fulfill my plans to make it to complete college and study at a fully accredited Uni.
  • I’m a huge indophile, interested in South Asian and South East Asian cultures, history, diversity, mythology, the ladies, and the South Asian movie industry.
  • I’m not always comfortable with changes in life, but I see them as vitally important and not to be railed against — change is part of the real world, and you can’t stop reality.
  • I think that prehistoric giant mammals are cool.
  • I stayed up almost all night following online the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars last month.

[3] Nominate 15 blogs:

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