Human Curiosity: It’s crucial to our survival.

Intellectual curiosity is worth much more than many Conservatives credit it for being, allegedly deceased cats notwithstanding.

It got us out of the caves, to the farthest reaches of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and within a relatively short time, to the Americas…

…and now it impels us to reach for the stars.

Some would have us return to the caves, but our course was set when we chose to spread across the globe in small bands of hunter-gatherers, even before the age of Colonialism, even before we had advanced beyond stone tools and fire making.

You can’t stop the future, not without serious consequences, and from here, it’s either go forward or die, no matter how much you may dislike and oppose change and rail against the forces of historical progress.

Curiosity, through its instrument, the methods and tools of science has despite our missteps, shortsightedness, and occasional obstructionist pigheadedness benefited our lot as a species immensely.

We’re at a point in our evolution during which we can do no good for ourselves by rejecting its help because of our own mistakes in applying it.

The problems of misused knowledge cannot and will not be combated by ignorance, willful or otherwise, only by a wiser application of knowledge.

We can go onward and outward to a glorious destiny in the stars, or we may suffer a meek, whimpering, ignoble fate rotting on a poisoned, dying, overpopulated planet killing each other over petty differences and blinded by our ideologies, greed, selfishness and ancient hatreds.

For myself, I much prefer the one, and the other I find rather worrying.

What about you?

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