Troythulu’s Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for August 17, 2012 [updated]

G’day, my cool and cosmic readers. I’ve had a good week of study so far, and an interesting time during my internet breaks as well. This week marks the first of the guest posts on this site, only the beginning if I have my way, until now having just reblogged from other sites. This week’s guest post from Thursday is Confessions of a (Positive) Skeptical Bookworm, by the awesome Kate Campbell, who’s also hosting a new piece by yours truly on her site, and a link to it will be posted below when I update this entry.

[updated 8/23/2012] And here it is, on the ♥ Books, Crafts & Pretty Things Blog: Guest post: Once Again from the Land of Fractals

Also posted this week, from Monday, there’s Sean Carroll: The Paradoxes of Time Travel & Sam Harris — a quote.

Entries from Wednesday include a short short fiction draft Why?, and the Fractal of the Midweek: Spartanesque + Adrift in the Mist

Also on Thursday, there was the new MelodySheep video release, Bite of the Great White (Shark Week remix) made for the Discovery Channel.

This morning I posted Perfect Knowledge: Who Needs It?

On Left Hemispheres, there’s the commemoration of the site’s Best of Year 2 & Alien Planet: Full Documentary — Congrats to Steve, Adam, Jack and Nick for a great blog!

Over at Kate’s blog for this week’s Cat Thursday she’s posted With Lady Jane and a book review, Young Carrie — Summer in the City

Kriss at the six pack blog posted It’s About Money, Not Religion.

Further lynx include:

The Invention of a Device to Kill Cancer and Find Aliens…

…Maybe. We’ll see.

“Further Proof” of Extraterrestrial Origin of Quasicrystals… I’m not too sure about this one, if only because I’m immediately suspicious of anything with the prefix “quasi” in it’s name…

Apple Command Key Symbol Appears in Crop Circle Formation…

Astronomers Crack Mystery of Monster Stars…

Science vs Pseudoscience: Do You Know What You Think You Know?

World’s Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Refined to Scalpel Precision.

I thought I’d offer some intunation this week:

Shelley Segal Saved

According to this site’s stats page, this blog currently has…

  • 110,161 steely gazes from you, my cool and cosmic readers,
  • 1813 published posts, including this one,
  • 169 WordPress & email subscribers, up 2 from last week — Welcome, both of you!
  • …and 1678 Twitter followers (this varies quite a bit on the actual page)

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