Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup for August 3, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. This week has been kind of strange, though I’ve gotten a lot done, especially reading — I started and finished “Flatland: a romance of many dimensions” in 6 hours over a period of two days (lots of interruptions in between), which was quite the first for me. The last time I did some serious marathon reading was when I read Lovecraft’s “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” in only the space of a single day.



The parental unit was scheduled to fly over to Slovenia to see my brother’s family (Yo, Teed!), but has had to reschedule her flight due to complications.

On teh bloggy, this Monday I posted Stephen Hawking — on alien coverups, & Introduction to Humanism

This Tuesday, I posted the Fractals of the Month

Wednesday I posted a Retraction of an Intractable Position & Mars in a Minute: How hard is it to land Curiosity on Mars?

…and just this morning, I posted a rant I call Please tell me again what I’m missing out on…

on Left Hemispheres, Are US evangelicals exporting anti-gay views? …the gall is astounding! & Evidence & Theory Explained

On the six-pack blog, Kriss has posted R.I.P. My Hero’s Mentor (on the passing of Gore Vidal) & Is This Shit Even Challenging Anymore? — Yes, Kriss, you probably ARE a skeptical blackbelt!

My friend Kat’s posted on her blog Cat Thursday — Cat Theatre & A Mad Tea Party

At Bad Astronomy, Looking into Einstein’s Head (optical illusion) & NASA chooses SpaceX to return astronauts to space

Over on his blog, Martin Pribble has posted Why I Am A Feminist

At windupmyskirt, there is Good News and Bad News for Women at the 2012 Olympics.

I’m having a bit of an i09 fest this week, with a few pieces that caught my eye while perusing my Twitter feed, The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck, Modern culture emerged 20,000 years earlier than anybody realized — checkmate, young-Earth creationists!, Why We Should Look for Extraterrestrial ‘Bubbles’ in Neighboring Galaxies, & Amazing Fossil Discovery Shows How Insects got Their Wings.

This week has been tons of fun, both in sincerity AND in sarcasm, and next week I’ll be posting the updates for this site’s stats.


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