Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup

This will be the first installment of what I hope to make a regular feature on this blog, here posted this day, with plans to post it more often toward the weekend, once each week and preferably each Friday starting next week.

Ideas for regular features have come and gone, like my old, and now defunct series of news item and link dump posts, “Troythulu’s Nu’z,” “Astronomy News of the Week,” “5th Day’s Links Sceptique” (and all of their earlier iterations), My old “Check It!” posts, some of them still extant, and my now discontinued but-still-onsite “Noontide Query” series. This blog is littered here and there with the remnants of my experimentation, some successful, some not so.

Anyhoo, this past month saw some things going on, both onsite and off…

There was, a while ago, the passing of our old cat Gumbyman, the adoption of our new female cat Gorgeous, and now with Mister Eccles, our kitten, we are considering making this once again a full trinity of kittehs by adopting a male who’s part Maine Coon named Rocky!

Today, I got around to adding two new pages to this site for my commenting guidelines and policy, and “What is a Skeptic?” both visible just below this site’s header.

I’m going to add a 5th page for this blog’s site-map and a set of media links to go with it,(Thanks Kate…You’re a genius!) that I most commonly use as my resources and such.

There are several things I’ve planned on doing but just haven’t gotten to…

Two e-books I discussed a while back, on the very best of this site’s posts for the years 2010 and 2011, have not been completed as I had intended them to be over a month ago, and right now I’ve put them on hold. They will be completed, I just can’t say when.

On my blogger site, the Collect Call of Troythulu, I’ve been meaning to start a monthly web-comic on my idiot mad scientist character, Doctor Incompetto (I got the idea for his name from an Enigma song…), only to discover that my artistic ability is not up to par and needs work before I can get things going there. It SHALL get done.

Also, last year, I announced my intention to write my first novella, only to experience first-hand my own ignorance of professional creative writing techniques, so I’m taking lecture courses on prose writing to correct that deficiency as well as making better control of my time and scheduling. It too will be completed, once I’m a better writer.

A couple of weeks ago, or so, I updated the header and background on this site, and you’ve probably noticed the header image randomly changing between page-clicks — that’s deliberate. I’m weighing options on exploiting other options for this blog’s theme, since it’s actually rather flexible in layout. 🙂

My study time is important, since I’m preparing myself for actual study at Uni to complete my education and edification, but I enjoy posting things online as well, on all the places of the net that I have active accounts — something worth using well and responsibly.

I’m also working on improving my grasp of pop culture, which is coming along nicely so far. Philosoraptor is cool…


Stat-wise, this site has currently:

154 direct & email subscribers…thank you all!

105,986 or so total pageviews…the collective steely gazes of you, this site’s wonderful readers since December 28, 2008…

1735 posts, up to and including this one…

39 Categories of posts…

2106 post Tags…

1392 comments posted…

about 1456 Twitter followers…

…and 1929 pageviews this month so far.

3 thoughts on “Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup

  1. Congratulations on your blog going so well. I admire all your plans. As you know I’m a mature age student myself and a great supporter of life-long education. I’m glad you were able to get some ideas from my blog as you know I visit around the web gathering ideas myself so I can learn for my Information Science study.
    Big hello to Mr Eccles and Gorgeous (so aptly named). Looking forward to meeting Rocky if you adopt him.
    I really enjoy interacting with you – because we are both willing to take risks and experiment with different communication techniques and I love how we bounce ideas off each other and our lovely online friends. Hugs xx


  2. pm greetings, from the CDT time zone… thank you for the pings… I really like your redecorate, including the background pic… You so kindly pingback fairly often. I intend to do the same (even saved a link to “collect call…” fractal, but I forgot where I saved it and haven’t had time to go back and look for it… it’s on my to do list to up my conscientiousness levels, so since I’ve now told you, that will motivate me to follow through more often!!

    Good luck on your studies. Some of my feline friends probably were there to greet Gumbyman as he crossed. Very impressive blog maturation. That’s all for now…



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