5th Day’s Links Sceptique for May 24, 2012

So far so good, this is another consecutive week when I’ve found time to get off my duff and post an installment in this series. My time management skills are improving…

For those with a phobia of spiders, listen up: A paper’s been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences of a promising therapy that changes the brain’s response to fear. I know someone (You know who you are, wink, wink…) who could benefit from that.

This gives me a little hope of a victory for reason over rationalization: Climate-change denier (not the contrarians or sceptics, mind you, just the deniers) organizations are doling out the rope they’ll use to hang themselves — the long term consequences of using dishonest tactics to promote an ideological agenda based on faulty premises and flawed reasoning — What can I say?

For us nerds, James Doohan’s, ‘Scotty’ of Star Trek, ashes have been launched into space on the SpaceX falcon rocket.

Also for us nerds, there’s Mythbuster’s Adam Savages 13-year Quest to Build a Real Sci-Fi Gun

The topic that never dies — alleged Bigfoot genetic samples will be analyzed as Oxford University goes Yeti hunting — *sigh*

Ancient, dinosaur-aged bacteria are living like Spartans (minus the swords, spears and shields, of course) at the sea bottom to this day.

Here’s the complete coverage of the SpaceX launch to the International Space Station

For this morning’s video,using the unaltered faces of celebrities, an optical illusion known as…

The Flashed-Face Distortion Effect

5th Day’s Links Sceptique is a selection of links to blogs, news outlets, and cool little sites on the Web that relate to science, reason, skepticism, atheism, the fringes and borderlands of science, memes relating to science or skepticism, and anything that catches my eye or which I’m deluded enough to think might arouse the interest of you, my perspicacious readers. 5th Day’s Links Sceptique is published on Thursdays on the Call.

2 thoughts on “5th Day’s Links Sceptique for May 24, 2012

  1. Don’t despair over the Oxford-yeti bit. Brian Sykes is an expert in mDNA. He has tracked much of humanity’s migration using it, as well as applying it to prehistoric humans. I highly recommend “The Seven Daughters of Eve.”


    1. I noticed that they’re being scrupulously careful not to hype this, which is good. That and Sykes’ qualifications gives credibility to this that the subject-matter would otherwise detract from. Metaphorical fingers are crossed…


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