M13 and Alien Life – Deep Sky Videos

A great discussion of the globular cluster M13 in the constellation Hercules, and the possibility of life elsewhere than Earth. Is the Cluster itself a suitable home for life?

Here, the pros and cons are weighed, and the implications of extraterrestrial life in general are considered.

My own view is that we simply don’t know if there is life elsewhere, but that it is extremely likely to exist somewhere in the universe besides just here, perhaps a natural, even inevitable consequence on suitable worlds of the laws governing complex chemistry.

On the other hand, the limits of the laws of the universe and the economic constraints on cost-effective interstellar travel by hypothetical visitors to our world make it unlikely in the extreme that such visitation is happening or has actually happened in the past.

That, and I’ve no idea what could possibly be so interesting about us that anyone would bother coming all this way to buzz aircraft, leave designs in crop fields, eviscerate livestock or perform weird medical experiments on sleeping humans.

Oh, hell. Just watch the vid.

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