xkcd: Adam and Eve

Yeah, I always wondered how that was supposed to work with a gene-pool of only four people…Ugh!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
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One thought on “xkcd: Adam and Eve

  1. Wow, you went the other way on the brightness scale for your blog (I didn’t have a seizure, if you’re compiling stats).
    But you are a positive person, Troy, so I think you’re going in the right direction by moving towards the light.
    My blog is as dark as I could manage while still being able to read type. This is because I hope, eventually, to make it a place of judgement — but with jokes. (My catchphrase: Judge not lest ye be judged…by me!) I’ll even put a skeptic on the anvil from time to time (Brian Dunning, I’m coming for you!).
    But I have to get off my ass and finish my research.


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