Why Are You Atheists So Angry? Greta Christina Skepticon 4


Greta expresses it far better than I, laying out both real and straw-person motivations for many of us in the atheist community, and the whys for those motivations.

Why NOT be angry?

Note that everyone is an atheist for somebody’s god or gods, no matter which one they say they follow…

6 thoughts on “Why Are You Atheists So Angry? Greta Christina Skepticon 4

  1. > everyone is an atheist for somebody’s god

    That’s a good one.

    Here’s another. A friend of mine, who goes from religion to religion, once said to me that atheism solves all metaphysical problems. I hadn’t really thought about it that way but I guess that’s right. I am not troubled that an all-loving god would allow suffering, I don’t worry about what happens after death (though I do worry about what happens all them years before death), and when I act justly it’s only because I think it’s the right thing to do, not because I fear acting otherwise.

    And for some reason I am not angry!


  2. Make no mistake “Atheism” is a religion and like other religions it is filled with people who are angry with all the people who do not accept their religion as the one true religion! All of this is dust that is clamoring to become more significant than the other dust of the Earth. As for this lady she is just a particle of dust blowing around for a small amount of time at a particular point in eternity. All religions, philosophes and even “scientific” belief systems like the “theory of evolution” are a set of man-made doctrines’ that require faith and trust in the indoctrinator and their ability to know the truth. Even if true scientific discovery happens (which of course it does) it is like a flea in my office walking through the fibers of my carpet blurting out that he is on a journey through a forest of tall trees, then he looks up in his sky, sees my office lights and knows without question that these are stars! Or… it’s like two people in a pitch black room arguing over the identity of unfamiliar object; knowing that all they need do is turn on the light and see what it is; but in their ego and pride they keep stumbling in darkness and arguing which of them is smarter! Some religions have been quite impressive through the years in that they have infected and poisoned generation after generation. They crush, oppress, abuse and even kill the weak and innocent all in the name of religion, philosophy, greed, lust and the “advancement” of man.
    As far as the abuses this lady speaks of when talking about her anger, she is identifying religious sin and religious abuse even as she preaches the doctrines of atheism to the applause of her congregants. What she is spewing is an attempt to persuade people be their own gods which works out great for her and her religious crowd but then she dies and another steps up but eventually they all die and that will be the end of that. All sin and those who practice sin will be thrown into a lake eternal fire along with Lucifer (the puppet master) his puppeteer’s and all of the marionettes he has used in this grand deception. This is so that for all eternity this deceiver and all his cohorts who have corrupted, killed, stolen, and destroyed by the ways of hatred, religion (including the “christian” and “atheist” religion”), philosophy, false science, promiscuity, greed and murder for generation after generation will no longer be able to have a voice and will no longer be able to have their way on the Earth. Besides this, just because they no longer exist in their body doesn’t mean they do no longer exist; God created Hell for the devil and his angels but He can’t do anything more than He has done to keep man from going there. But… here’s what He has done: God Himself put on a human suit, came to earth, opened the door and invited all and anyone, regardless of how much they’ve added to the corruption, to freely walk through that door right into Eternal Life or… just as much, because of free will, you can remain dust if you want and go where dust goes, how great is that! God is not willing that anyone parish but make no mistake He will not let all of man’s injustice and destruction continue on His Earth and in His heaven! He also will not suffer and die for you again nor will He violate your free will to choose your own course but… unless you are able to keep your human suit going beyond its expiration date and unless you are able to keep yourself in it, I don’t see that working out so well for you. Who knows though, maybe the atheist religion is the one true religion and like the flea, my office light really is a star; I really don’t mean to sound like I’m mocking but it does sound pretty absurd if you think about it. I encourage you, whoever you are, to come out from among the dead and join the living ones who have received the eternal life that God has offered to all mankind there is no plan B. When this present world in its present condition is all wrapped up and discarded if you want to we can go out for a cup of coffee somewhere and rejoice that this long season is finally over and a new incorruptible spring has begun. Merry Christmas Everyone, from the human known as Mark


    1. Joyous Festivus to you from the human known as Troy and the kitten known as Mister Eccles!

      I welcome you to my(not so)humble little nest among the swarming electrons and silicon data-hives of the Web.

      Thanks much for your comment, though I fear I found your reasoning difficult to follow.

      Also, this site is not a venue to proselytize for your beliefs, so you get only one warning from me on this.

      Again, welcome to my blog, and thank you.


  3. @Eugene
    > Make no mistake “Atheism” is a religion…filled with people who are angry with all the people who do not accept their religion

    That’s not a mistake — that’s a lie.

    Can some atheists be dogmatic and intolerant? Sure. Can some religionists be dogmatic and intolerant? They boast of it! But that does not make atheism a religion by definition. What you are actually suggesting (setting aside the lack of evidence) is that some atheists are hypocrites. That’s quite likely and not the least controversial, as atheists are human. But you don’t seem troubled that religions share these qualities, you don’t seem to realise that you imply religions are human constructs.

    > a set of man-made doctrines that require faith and trust in the indoctrinator

    Supporting facts that disagree with religious doctrine does not make “facts” a religion. Your stated position is that facts are not and cannot be objectively true but are arbitrarily determined by authority — that, by definition, facts are merely faith statements.

    You don’t seem to realise how this sounds: comparing anything to religion is an insult! Your unexamined assumption is that religious truth is the lowest form of arbitrary nonsense. And you are not being ironic.

    > As far as the abuses this lady speaks of

    I don’t think religious abuses are an argument for atheism. After all, in the Bible, God is indeed arbitrary and cruel half the time, and sometimes he is so over-the-top vengeful that he has to be talked out of executing his divine will (e.g. Abraham and the cities on the plain). And it’s okay God is an angry because he’s God and he doesn’t have to follow his rules for human behaviour. God is God. But that’s not so for his followers. They have to follow the rules; when they don’t, they lose their legitimacy. One can reject religion on numerous grounds without necessarily rejecting God.

    Religions are man-made; people can reject them. Many theists have. This is not the sole perview of atheists.

    [that’s enough — I’m on vacation]


  4. Atheism is a belief system based around the dogma of there is no God. If you don’t like me calling it a religion I can live with that! I do realize that I imply that religions are human constructs, I meant too and you can add to that philosophy, science and any else that humans give homage to, accept as truth and preach to others to persuade and/or convert. If that insults your senses l am sorry, never the less I stand by my statements. The blind cannot see and the deaf cannot hear so they are are limited and can only describe in part; time and reality will tell the story as it is and that is fact. As far as your accusations of God who wrought judgement againest abuses in the Earth in the past He is the same today and people who prey upon the innocent (religious or not) will also know His wrath! Every I shall be dotted and every t will be crossed. The human known as Mark


  5. > Atheism is a belief system based around the dogma of there is no God.

    No, you are misusing language. There are dogmatic atheists but that does not make atheism a dogma.

    Atheism can be changing and varied opinion: it can be a reasoned conclusion based on evaluation of the evidence and arguments. That opinion could change based on better evidence and improved arguments (and so people convert — happens all the time).

    But you reject this obvious and reasonable description.

    Your language demands that opinions are not even possible — that proof of God is a fact that can only be accepted or rejected — which is itself dogmatic.

    You are dogmatic, Eugene. And it has disabled your ability to be honest.


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