On posting fractals…

Hey, peeps. Thanks to all of you who’ve clicked on the “like” buttons and shared or rated my fractal posts for the last few months. I’m humbled that people actually like my comparatively amateurish works, and it’s a wonderful experience for me to make the images, much less that you, the visitors to this site, honor me so.

Again, thank you.

But this is primarily a skeptical and science-nerd blog, not an art blog, though I’ll continue to make and post images for it.

It’s just that it’s important that I stay on topic.

So I’m going to lighten up on the posting of fractals to about twice per week, one image for midweek and one for the weekend, both to keep from filling up your inboxes with updates and to allow me to maintain my standards of quality, such as those are, for the images I post.

Also, I’ve recently gotten hold of new software to try out for generating 3-D fractals, so I’ll be fooling around with that while juggling my schedule between studying and working on my SF novella.

Stay cool, and thanks for clicking on my URL!

2 thoughts on “On posting fractals…

  1. Speaking for the minority, I will respectfully note I am not interested in the fractal posts and I delete them from my inbox immediately.
    But don’t feel bad! I have been doing a lot of research lately and so I have also been skipping Katersoneseven’s daily vlog as well. *sigh*


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