Yet Another Ancient Astronaut Claim in the News

Maya stucco glyphs diplayed in the museum at P...

Image via Wikipedia

Well, isn’t this nice… A report on Reuters alleges that “Mayan Documentary Will Show Evidence of Alien Contact”, and truth be told, I’d be much more inclined to take this seriously if they planned to show something like, oh, I don’t know… genuine artifacts of indisputably alien technology or even ET mummies, or something.

Due to the immense technological requirements of interstellar travel, such artifacts, if actually found, would have to be unlike anything on Earth, even from our most bleeding-edge research, and the biology of any alien bodies would also be unmistakably extraterrestrial, impossible to confuse with our own sort of life except by the most rank incompetent…

I would have hoped for something that we haven’t seen before…Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, according to the report.

No, instead they’re going to be showing the same crappy evidence as in works of fiction like “Morning of the Magicians,” and “Chariots of the Gods?,” misconstruing it with the same tired old arguments from ignorance, though it appears that they’re spicing it up by latching onto the whole 2012 Mayan calendar nonsense.

James Randi was so on point with his idea of unsinkable rubber duckies, since even long-debunked claims never go away for long, they just rise from the ashes given new life.

Color me disappointed on this one…There just doesn’t seem anything interesting to anticipate.

Yet another example of the media giving too much coverage and false balance to pseudoscience.

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