Time for Housecleaning, and to say Goodbye to Rubbish

I’ve decided to go through my archives and clear out some of my older posts, in particular, those that now seem to me too authoritarian or dogmatic than the tone I’d like to set for this blog, in addition to some of those on topics that I’m myself not that well-versed in.

It’s time I fixed that.

Several entries were not as well-written as they might have been if I had taken time to better refine my arguments and develop ideas more clearly than they were, like my first and very clumsily-done position statement on climate change, so that too has gone bye-bye.

Also, I don’t debunk, or rather, I shouldn’t, because that too doesn’t suit me, and there are a lot of things that need to be dropped, like the older videos from various YouTube channels critiquing creationism, intelligent design, and science denial in general, most of which are so far buried in this blog’s monthly file drawer as to be unseen by anyone for months at a time and in many cases so out of date as to be useless.

I’m keeping the Logical Fallacy posts and those in the Baloney Detection 101 series as well as those entries dealing with philosophy of science, critical thinking, and my rather lengthy but popular entry on the Criteria of Adequacy used in assessing scientific hypotheses.

I’ll also continue doing more of these as well, since general skepticism is something I’m very comfortable with doing.

I shall, of course, continue the regular fractal image posts, the intermittent Web Picks Sceptique and Noontide Query entries, the Astronomy Pix of the Week, and I’ll be experimenting with other sorts of entries and refining them as well.

I’ll keep doing most of the miscellaneous entries I do on various topics not dealing with skepticism, like my more personally-themed entries, opinion pieces, and memorials to people and beloved pets no longer among the living.

I’ll keep doing the posts critiquing flawed argumentation by various parties while keeping alert for flaws in my own, and also continuing the How To Argue series of posts, since those deal directly with important facets of logical thinking and clear discourse between contesting parties.

I’m aiming to keep this blog as apolitical as I can, save for my own personal commentary and opinion pieces clearly tagged as such, since politics bores the crap out of me, as important as it can be at times.

I’d rather make a good case for the value of objectivity in human knowledge, and my experience is that few if any people are truly objective about their politics.

Especially those who overvalue the worth of their own opinions.

I’m well-aware that seeking perfection is a prescription for disaster, and so that’s not my aim. But I do need to clear out the cobwebs from the deep dungeons and make room for material you as readers will actually find useful, up to date, and enjoyable, so that is my goal.


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