xkcd: Tattoo

I love the elegantly SF-ish way this is expressed. It makes getting radiation treatments sound much less mundane than most people of them as being.

I wouldn’t wish the need to have them in the first place on my worst enemy, even if I had any, and I don’t…

…But how you say something can make all the difference to the listener.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
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2 thoughts on “xkcd: Tattoo

  1. Sorry I haven’t had a visit for a while, I’ve been stopping by periodically, but have had a comment for a bit.
    I heartily approve of your new nerd affair with xkcd, they make the week more lol-ful for sure.
    My MIL and I had a little joke about this with the kids, saying – how cool is Nan, did you know she has a tattoo? You’re right it isn’t a nice disease, but a good sense of humour helps keep people positive I think, especially when it is tasteful like this.


    1. Yes. This is just such a cool webcomic. I have my first hardcopy collection of earlier installments sitting on my new bookshelf. It rox my soxxors most verily.


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