The Changes of Strange Aeons

Readers and visitors of this site may notice a few things have changed in the past few days, some of them rather obvious, since I’m making both functional and cosmetic mods to the Call.

There is, of course, the background and header of the site, which uses a fractal I came up with that bears a suspicious resemblance to Cthulhu, ya know, kinda accidentally/on purpose, and perfect for the eldritch moniker of yours truly.

It took a few adjustments to do, but I finally came up with a decent diamond-pattern of the fractal set in my favorite color, black, and the two little Cthulhu heads for the header, which I made by cutting and pasting a reduced-size jpeg with Apple’s Preview software.

Also, I reduced the number of RSS widgets and others, because the excess widgets were apparently eating up all my bandwidth, and causing all sorts of annoyance.

I’ve kept only those feeds to websites and blogs owned or posted on by people I know or follow on various websites, and in any case, whose sites I subscribe to, comment for, and interact with on Twitter and their own blogs.

The “links” widget will remain as it is, since I often visit the sites on it, even if just lurking around a bit. Some of them I post hyperlinks to in entries for citation purposes.

It’s not fair for me to piggy-back on the feeds of the more popular blogs by coming up on search results meant for them, and since they are doing just fine they don’t need any extra traffic from my site.

There will be other changes, of course, and I’m currently considering my options, but I am satisfied with how the site looks. I have added one widget, though, a search window for this site’s posts in the sidebar that should making finding things easier and more interesting for visitors.

Last Friday’s xkcd post wasn’t that good in my view, and so I’ll have to reassess the way I do embedded image posts like that.

Perhaps just one image per such post would work better… Hmmm.

Last week I brought back an older but popular series of inquiries/essays, which I had dropped for a while due to scheduling conflicts and more personal reasons, none of them to do with this blog.

I’m considering the possibility of trying out more regular features, though it’s not a good idea to become too set, too rigid in my mindset or posting methods and habits.

Consistency balanced with innovation is a good idea though, and I do greatly appreciate those of you who are generous enough to click the “like” buttons, rate the posts, and share my stuff, like the fractal posts and videos, even my text pieces, on other social networking sites.

Thank you. I’m also thanking those blogs and websites that have sent me traffic in the past, like Skepticator, The Skeptic’s Dictionary, and numerous others which have shown up in the referrers box on my stat page.

…And not least my subscribers. Without you all, this blog would be, is nothing.

I’m going to do more review posts as well, like last week’s entry on Michael Shermer’s new book, but also including popular works of fiction by those we skeptics often critique, which will be a lot of fun for me, and any perceived ad hominems, arrogance, or undue cruelty in those entries will exist only in the mind of the reader.

I do not do mud-slinging…My standards are higher than that.

Here’s to making this a better blog, and a more enjoyable, interesting place for you all to visit, even if only once.

Ad astra.

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