Monty Python — Argument Clinic

As many of you know, I’m, well, rather argumentative, and am learning to put that to better use than would otherwise be the case.

I’ve already completed my first argumentation course, and am learning more still of the subject matter and modes of reasoning, but often I’ve been almost pedantically serious about it, so just to keep from being a mean old curmudgeon, here’s a rather good skit from Monty Python, to mock it all, with a big hat-tip and a bow to Marianne Talbot of the University of Oxford.

Humor is something we all need, and something often all too lacking in the world. You’d be amazed at how close to reality this skit is, but doesn’t the best comedy often reflect how things actually are?

Uploaded by on Nov 14, 2008

2 thoughts on “Monty Python — Argument Clinic

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