What’s the Science say about Business Models?

This is a TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design for the curious)talk given by Daniel Pink, a lawyer who’s been doing some heavy looking into psychological research on motivation and business practice, and he’s found out some very interesting things which I would dare say have important implications for the success or failure of major businesses during the current economic crisis.

He does his lawyerly best here to build a case, which seems compelling even to one like myself, for why so many of our American captains of industry even in the 21st century continue to use outmoded models of business based on folklore and often willful ignorance of what science has to say.

To build this case, he provides evidence in the form of well-replicated and long-supported studies, well-established in the literature and many going back over 40 years, on what sorts of things we should be doing to make failing business work, and I mean in fact and not merely wishful thinking put into misguided policy.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Science say about Business Models?

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