Oh, Ye (Space) Gods…

I was looking at the search term referrers on my stat page yesterday and was favored by the laws of probability to have noticed the following: “alien tomb found in africa”

So after googling it, I found this page http://www.burlingtonnews.net/skulls.html as the highest ranked link in the search results.

I noticed a lot of interesting pics of congenitally and ritually deformed human skulls, others looked as though they had been partially or entirely sculpted, cast-made, or merely photo-edited images of possibly genuine skulls.

Note the screenshot posted above for some examples…

There were the usual assertions attempting to dismiss conventional explanations for the deformities of the skulls. I found them unconvincing from a lack of real justification, much less ‘proof,’ a word that I do not believe means what some seem to think it means…


With this bountiful collection of somewhat macabre images, and there were more lower down the page, there were claims being made for them of an extraterrestrial origin for a lot of the skulls, and claims of human emulation of aliens for others, as well as a highly questionable image said to be that of a skull belonging to a ‘mysterious horned race,’ like one of those shown above, at the bottom row of images.

Among other tidbits were the typical claims of hidden, forbidden, secret, and otherwise jealously guarded ancient knowledge, that somehow eluded all of those blind, dogmatic mainstream archaeologists, and curiously enough, easily accessible on a publicly viewable website from nearly anywhere on the planet that the open web may be reached, and not requiring any special pass-code or membership status in a sooper-sekrit society.

One thing that was obvious is the discrepancy between the claims of the Pharaoh Akhenaten having an alien-shaped skull, though if you look at the photo near the top of the page labelled with his name, or the screenshot above in less detail, it’s apparent, given their own evidence, that no such thing was the case…

Looks just like a normal human skull to me, but what do I know?

Kind of Ye Olde and Ye Krustie on this and similar sites is the theme of public revelation of the deformed skulls causing public unrest, chaos, religious upheavals, smilodons and dire wolves living together, leading to ‘the collapse of civilization,’ requiring an impossibly well-coordinated global academic conspiracy to ‘hide the truth’ and maintain the status quo, an idea I’d heard in various phrasings years ago from a couple of fans of Graham Hancock, and even further back in the literature to Erich Von Däniken’s ethnically, culturally, historically, and intellectually insulting alien-astronauts-as-ancient-gods claims.

That’s a very common notion with many occult claims, though I’m unaware of any evidence of skeptics and mainstream research workers staging ideological cleansing pogroms or arresting and sending to concentration camps those who make these claims…

…and saying it so openly without any show of reprisal, publicly making these statements in bestsellers, on talk-show interviews, self-made documentaries, and presentations before live audiences.

And so, my somewhat uncharitable opinion shall be expressed, for the first time on this site, with an image that I shall be making some use of in future posts…

Have an awesome Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Oh, Ye (Space) Gods…

  1. Why delete? You are saying what we have all witnessed on the web, overheard in occult bookstores, or read in fringer books.
    I’ll just comment on the academic censorship point. Fringers frequently claim academics ignore/suppress “forbidden knowledge” for fear of losing positions and grants. Regardless, PhDs show up in my UFO/abduction google alerts almost daily, as well as on shows such as Coast to Coast AM. And certainly the last 100 years of psi research is dominated by MDs and PhDs. That’s not to say some fringe academics haven’t evoked outrage over their “researches” (John Mack, David Jacobs and Courtney Brown come to mind). But their employers seem more interested in getting the complaints behind them than censoring (or even investigating) the claims. Even so, fringers shamelessly use the “career threat” explanation for why academics can’t turn up solid evidence of anything fringe-y.


    • Thank you, Terry. I’ve just resolved to keep this post for my archives. The main problem, in fact, the only problem I had with this entry is the writing style I used in it rather than the content. That’s over with now that I’ve given myself a week to consider before acting on that impulse.


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