Vampires?…or Lambpires? Baaah!

The Vampire

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I’m currently, in addition to studying my argumentation lecture notes, and proceeding nicely on the math course I’m taking, rereading a classic of Victorian horror, Dracula, a good and unabridged if well-loved copy I got from the local library, which I’ll have to post a few pics of sometime.

Dracula and I go way back; The first time I read the entire thing was in my early teens, and I’ve not been untouched by the bloodsucker bug as a gamer, either, since I used to play Vampire: the Masquerade during the ’90s, and rather enjoyed it for a time, before the whole WoD metaplot-thing got stupid.

Hell, I even owned a copy of the very first printing of Masquerade, in which the vampire ability later known as Animalism had the rather awkward designation of *ahem* Animality *cough* *cough*

I never bothered with Vampire: the Requiem, and haven’t looked back since, though I did start looking into real-world vampire legends from different parts of the world, particularly — since I’m partial to Asian cultures, and being single, ladies of Asian descent — tales of Asian vampires, or if not precisely that, things that go bump at night that resemble them in some details, like a bad habit of quaffing the bodily fluids or life-force of the living for some.

Not that there’s any such thing as a life-force, much less anything that sucks it out of you, mind you, but that’s neither here nor there.

Whether it’s the Penanggalan of Indonesia, the Manananggal and the Aswang of my most favoritest country, the Philippines, or really weird ones like the Chinese Qingshih, the geographic isolation, at least for centuries past, in regions of Asia have led to some very interesting examples of cultural drift and colorful traditions and superstitions, and I don’t believe for a second that there’s any such thing as a truly universal and generic culture with a set of legends and mythology that really speaks for them all.

That’s my view, at any rate…

So right now I’m going to be going over books on bloodsucker lore from lots of different cultures, and note, rather than commonalities, since those are few, but the distinctions and variety of the different traditions concerning these creatures.

I’ll close with a note: at one point, just as a joke, I came up with a sort of undead bloodsucking sheep, the *groan* Lambpire, which may have been unconsciously inspired by Twitterer @Tao23’s “venomous sheep” idea, but which I never got to use in a game, and that may have been a good thing….

Oh, and just to show that I’m not completely out of touch with popular culture: My opinion, however unfounded it may be, is that vampires that sparkle are just silly.

That is all.

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