Hey, Peeps, a Change of Plans for Teh Bloggy Roll

I’ve hit upon a better idea than what I discussed in (This Post, Click Me), and decided to keep the inactive blog links active onsite, putting them together with the archived sites, since in a lot of cases, they overlap.

I’ve created a new blog list for these sites just below the main list, and will not be using the standard blogroll widget as originally planned, instead using the feeds widgets as per the main site list, since I find them more versatile for my evil purposes…

Heh Heh Heh…

I intend to modify the URLs in each link to allow opening a new window or tab when they are clicked on, to make navigation between sites more convenient.

I’m a little (no, a lot!) clueless on the proper coding of the URLs to do this, so I’m open to any helpful input on that.

I won’t be posting updates on the site tomorrow, but working on the links to other sites, including a lot of new ones, and some old favorites relinked to, now that I’ve cleaned out my browser bookmarks of any sites that no longer seem to exist.

When and if any inactive site ever becomes active again, I’ll move it up to the main list, of course.

Thanks for your patience in this, and I’m always open to suggestions from you all on how to improve this site, evolving in an almost Darwinian fashion as it is.

7 thoughts on “Hey, Peeps, a Change of Plans for Teh Bloggy Roll

    • Hey, Carl. Yesterday I tried the code you linked to, and all of the permutations I could think of with some experimentation on my test blog, and it turns out that the RSS/Linky widget gets cranky if I use the complete code in it, or simply makes the link inactive and gives an error message if using it in part.

      I also thought of using the code instead in a Text/HTML widget, but while the code works, when the link is clicked, instead of taking me directly to the site, it takes me to a page saying the site does not exist, with a link on that page using the exact same URL as that in the widget.


      Until I figure out what I’m doing wrong, I’ll have to hold off on the idea of setting up the links in either sort of widget for opening a new tab or window.

      Well, it was worth looking into…


  1. I have been thinking of starting a blog, if only to spare my freinds the very long emails containing my latest kook research, but if I have to learn HTML again…urgh.


  2. Hi again,
    In the template I’m using, when I click on LINKS from the dashboard, I can set up the URLs I’m linking to and define their catagory like “blogroll” etc. then I have a TARGET option box. Have you tried just using the “_blank” option, if your template has the TARGET option box?
    See below…

    + Add New Category


    _blank — new window or tab.

    _top — current window or tab, with no frames.

    _none — same window or tab.

    Choose the target frame for your link.

    …normally I have three “radio click” buttons appearing to the left.



    • I can do that with my template as well, but only with the ‘Links’ widget, not the RSS widget, so I think that may be misusing the latter, even though for some sites, either the feed URL or the site URL can be used in it.

      I’ll experiment with the “_blank” option by itself, and let you know if it seems to work. I suspect my issues are due to differences in the coding of the widgets, but it’s worth at least trying out to see.


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