Apocalypse Again – Let’s keep this puppy rollin’…

Harold Camping in 2008

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Peeps who are horny for the apocalypse disturb me.

I mean, after last week’s failed rapture prediction, its originator, preacher Harold Camping, is backtracking by saying after the fact that his biblical numerology, (which he was so certain about being perfect before both his 1994 prediction and the one just this month), was wrong and that he now says it’s October 21st instead.

People have done this sort of thing for centuries, and the story never changes: Clergyman uses something resembling math to calculate something from a book of the Bible, predicts the End of Everything™ and like clockwork, the End passes by without even a single hallelujah by the ascending Elect, awaiting the next guy to make the next prediction, etc…

Mister Camping…Why is it that you, like everyone else who uses contrived pseudo-mathematics to make these sorts of predictions, have such authoritative confidence in your claims until after the fact?

Why don’t you, you know, check the math before you make your claims?

All it does is fill people susceptible to these claims with false hope and needless fear, and often results in serious harm being done to themselves and others in senseless acts of violence.

Why bother? Is the money you get in donations worth it? This merchandising of fear and confusion?

I ask this because it’s massively irresponsible… immoral even… to spread claims like this…

I find this appalling, for what sort of truly moral person wants people who don’t share his beliefs to suffer in eternal torment or destruction?

Why convince people to want this?

Why only be good in anticipation of reward in paradise as opposed to those of us without religion, who see value in being good for its own sake, not just fear of punishment nor hope of reward for what we neither desire nor believe even exists?

I predict that the next End Times prediction will fail, and when it does, it puts yet another nail in the coffin of religion’s credibility and relevance in a world that can do well enough without it.

Just sayin’…

3 thoughts on “Apocalypse Again – Let’s keep this puppy rollin’…

  1. > Peeps who are horny for the apocalypse disturb me.

    I have often complained to conspiracy theorists that they will not be satisfied until their own country, America, is completely engulfed in flame.



  2. Interesting. I just found out that both the Seventh Day Adventists, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Pentecostal church all developed out of “doomsday” sects……


    1. Correct. As I found out a while back myself, both the JW and Adventists were splinter groups of a sect known as the Millerites, which broke up after about two or three consecutive failed End predictions.


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