Farewell to a Skeptic…

Come the 7th of this month, the skeptical blogosphere will have one less site for me to enjoy, since a guy I’ve only known since earlier last year will be deleting his blog from the internet ca. 6:00 PM EST.

=^Skeptic cat^=, who’s taught me a lot about blogging and skepticism, has announced a decision to pursue life outside the skeptical community, having been disillusioned by it for a number of reasons, and here a few are in his own words, I hope in context…

Having seen =^skeptic cat^= listed alongside names like Richard Dawkins on websites such as: PubSub, AllTop and The Skeptic’s Dictionary, I erroneously came to the conclusion that I was a part of a community of like-minded individuals which is why I was kind of shocked upon attempting to take part in conversations within said community to have been either: (a.) shut out entirely via comment moderaton or (b.) set upon by a ravenous band of freethinking wolves and driven from said sites as though I were troll on an AOL message board. Why? Well the answer is simple, none of these people had ever heard of me. The above stated link sites made a mistake in including myself as a member of this community.

Furthermore, and quite ironically, I have essentially been utilizing my imagined membership in this community based on rationality and critical thinking as a form of escapism to avoid thinking about some serious problems in my personal life.

Mistreatment by those who should know better, those on the coattails of more prominent freethinkers, is inexcusable.

I wish him well on whatever road he travels and — this is going to sound funny from a skeptic — good luck and success in pursuing his dreams.

Different peeps have different goals, different criteria for fulfillment. Farewell from the blogosphere, my brother from another mother, the lessons you’ve taught me are valuable, and I wish you only my best.

The interbuttz are going to be a lot less interesting without you.

5 thoughts on “Farewell to a Skeptic…

  1. 😦
    I counted him among my friends and am very sad to hear of this.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get his message in time to hear about his decision so I thank you for posting this.

    It’s too bad when this type of thing happens within a community of “like minded” people. So dumb.
    So, if you happen to read this, Chris, you’ll be missed.


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