Wow, It’s Been Four Years Already?

Well here I am, going into my fifth year as a self-described skeptic, and I’ve met a lot of awesome peeps along the way; Maria, Kat, Kriss, Aliman, Skeptic Cat, Terry, and all the others who make posting on this blog so interesting and warming to my eldritch heart.

But I sometimes wonder, though it doesn’t keep me up at night, “Will I continue being what I am, thinking the way I do, a month, a year from now? Will I ever get tired of it, and leave it in the past, and stop being a skeptic?”

I can’t honestly tell myself, or anyone, for that matter, with any certainty what I will think, feel, and believe a year or more from now.

Peeps change, and over the past four years, so have I. I’ll continue to do so, since that’s how things happen.

It’s irrelevant what I’ll be like in the future, just as it’s irrelevant what I was like in the past, and the past is dead, with only fallible memories and a few physical reminders of what’s gone before.

I’m a skeptic now, and that’s what counts.

In an earlier post this year, in a poor attempt at humor, I referred to the skeptical community as a ‘Wave of Reason,’and maybe it is, but I have to admit, it sounds a bit self-congratulatory in retrospect, and ‘skeptics movement,’ as misleadingly connoting of a monolithic entity as it is, seems more my style.

I might get disillusioned, but that seems less likely now, since I didn’t get into this with unrealistic expectations to begin with. Over time, my views, such as they are, have become more robust, better grounded. As the mystics would say, I’ve found my center. I’ve found myself.

While I might change my views in the future, that’s a matter to think over when it happens, and no sooner. What’s important is keeping myself thinking and learning in the here and now.

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