Some old alien haiku from an SF fan

Hey, guys. I’m not much of a poet, though a while back I wrote doggerel that popped into my head on a lot of different themes, from cats, to war, to gaming characters, and in this post, a selection of my alien species haiku from some of the more unusual ETs living in my Gods of Terra universe, to me much more interesting than those famous and vastly over-copied failures of the human imagination that populate the current UFO literature.

So here are a few haiku I’ve based on the 5/7/5 syllable tradition. Some of these have been updated for the setting since I first penned them…


People of Sirug

Conquerors of many worlds

Brave warriors all.



Reptilian lords

Masters of the Mental Arts

Children of the seas.



Twice the height of Man

The Ever-patient Giants

The Subtle Planners.



Mokthraga’s brethren

Potent mystic oracles

Blind by adulthood.



Ruthless pack-hunters

Voracious beasts that reason

Once slaves to Kamuz.



Relentless machines

Weapons of the Enkidu

Von Neumann mecha.



Violent tricksters

Seeing All as humorous

Themselves the punchline.



Nigh-ageless elders

Thinking Change anathema

Ruled by the Twelve.


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