One thought on “Is The Universe Infinite?

  1. I’ve heard about this and am dieing to watch it but alas must finish a good deal of work before I can enjoy such pleasures of the mind.

    One of the first cool thinks I ever learned about infinity was that it isn’t a number … There are no rules or mathematical operations that can really be performed using a concept like infinity.

    ∞ + ∞ = ∞ and ∞ – ∞ = 0

    then from the cumulative law of addition and subtraction:

    ∞ + (∞ – ∞) should equal (∞ + ∞) – ∞

    but that would mean ∞ = 0

    How could something so awesome be so limited? … Just one of the many ironic paradoxes which make our universe my favorite universe in the whole universe … Wait a set can never contain itself either … Curse you Russell!


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