Quantum Coolness (w/out Woo Woo)

two-picture formulation of quantum theory

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Quantum mechanics…long the subject matter of both legitimate science and quasi-mystical crank theory, has recently seen a new and interesting development–two of its principle features, the Uncertainty Principle and nonlocal “spooky-action-at-a-distance” through Entanglement have now been linked (Click Me Here) as integral and essential to each other.

Quantum physics is solid science, well-accepted by mainstream researchers and is strongly upheld by literally millions of experiments to date.

It’s the theory behind all electronic technology.

In a new article published in the journal Science (Click Me Here, Too), uncertainty limits the quantum weirdness of nonlocality, and explains why quantum entanglement is no weirder than it is.

Sorry, Psychics-R-Us need not apply. No X-Men to be found here.

Seriously though, all mean-spirited, poopy-head ridicule aside, this is a neat development, and if it pans out with further research, could very well get us one step closer to the formulation of a theory of quantum gravity. This is a major step in our conception of quantum theory, which adds tremendously to our knowledge and the implications of its use.

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