The Return of the Spambox

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Recently I found this little gem in my Yahoo! account. For some unknown reason, all sorts of interesting things wind up there, including advertisements for Chinese dating services and Nigerian scam letters, only some of which are from Nigeria, but all of which are amusing, and this bit of lunacy(emphasis, spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax in the original)

Ex-CON preaching virtue on the Ex-CONservative Radio Hour 1pm est. 11am in Arizona

Saturday, November 13, 2010 5:55 AM

[Name & e-mail withheld]

Like Ayn Rand‘s Book, Atlas Shrugged..this woman wrote in the  50’s of things that should the logical progression of events occur in such a fashion,.with her ability to understand the most basics of human psychology, philosophy, she is  right up with with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and yes even the modern ones who are more familiar for most now than the actual Fathers to the study of man.

The Machiavelli of the Common Era.
“The Wizard of is.”  I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know…a “True Know it ALL!”…listen to me today, and every weekday, 2 hours

[website redacted]
Listen live or via archives.
Friend me at

My story, albeit, yet to be written was in fact, unlike Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, fiction, a great story weaved to illustrate the lessons that seemingly are coming to haunt us this very is this that I bring to you, more on the reverse, or the perverse, for I’m not the academic, but more importantly I’m representative of everyday man, seeing as Ayn Rand’s characters have in their story, as I have seen and become to know that I know.

Please take time to help promote my need to get the message out, that victims and the promotion of victims is BULL.  I’m the “living example” of true conservatism being the ONLY way for all to live.
Warm Regards,

[Name and contact information withheld]
“Taking care of those taking care of those.”
In support of Arizona / American Laws.  While supporting  businesses in particular who indeed, support what is simply RIGHT
We face a time now for all to discuss with clarity and not with conflict.  I reserve the right to do business as I see just while standing up to ideas I KNOW to be Just.  Those who are in conflict to my ideals, please opt out…Az Tourist News DOES indeed REFLECT the thoughts and opinions of the Publisher.

My first reaction, and that view stands today, was, “Jebus Happycat, what a dogmatic, bigoted, pompous ass!” But I’ve added to that since then, “Well, if he’s got a radio talk show, I certainly hope he talks more coherently than he writes, otherwise his show’s in deep doo-doo from the start.”

Why do I get e-mails from all the right-wing crazies? I guess we libtards are frequent targets for attempts at making us ‘see the light.’ It figures.

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