WTF?!? Too Much Gas For Evolutionists? << REALLY?!

More humerositude from the creationist camp with literally astronomical science gaffes that would make Carl Sagan spin in his grave with embarrassment that one of his own species would so debase himself by uttering them in all apparent seriousness. Yes, Jupiter ‘defies the explanations of Evolutionary Naturalism™’ *giggle*…this is a hunk’a burnin’ silly

9 thoughts on “WTF?!? Too Much Gas For Evolutionists? << REALLY?!

  1. I don’t remember anything in the Bible about elemental abundance on Jupiter … Musta been embedded in one of those boring lists of begats so I skipped over it … But if, the bible really did predict the abundance of elements heavier than helium on Jupiter more accurately than a given scientific theory of planetary formation then, evolutionary biology must be completely wrong because biology and astronomy are the exact same thing … Where to I sign up to be baptized?


  2. The youtube commentors are crushing the claims in the video.

    The main slight to me is the curious wording. The video seems to be referring to planetary evolution but by calling astronomers and geophysicists “evolutionary scientists,” we are made to think of evolutionary biologists.

    If not intentional dishonesty by the makers of the video, it certainly is a deliberate conflation by the youtube poster who wrote the headline.


    • Yes, I thought that was interesting. Creationists are prone to label all science they disagree with the two words they hate the most, ‘evolution’ & ‘naturalism,’ even completely unrelated fields like organismal biology and cosmology as if they were the same because these fields don’t involve supernatural causation and are therefore ‘evolutionist.’ Taken to its ultimate extent, creationism is global science denial, not just Darwin denial, even to the point of occasionally trying to legislate a redefinition of science to include supernatural explanations.


  3. Just as a side note. There was just an article in Science News where they have induced evolution of aquarium snails into aquarium slugs in one step without genetic tinkering. Platinum was induced into the environment. NOw they are waiting to see if the change will breed true. This will be the first lab controlled and documented “jump” without making little steps in an evolutionary change. Pretty cool if it works.


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