Notice to my Readers for Nov.14-21, 2010

Hey, guys. I have decided to take a week off from updating this site until next Sunday.

I have good reason to believe that the quality of what I’ve been publishing has been slipping lately, and equally good reason to believe that it’s because I’m getting burned out by posting as often as I have without a break, which is cutting into my creativity, such as that is, and my time spent selecting and proofing my stuff before posting it.

Also, I’ve found that I’m getting stuck in a rut, posting on certain themes and topics ad nauseam, and it’s really starting to get old and tired even for me — I’m tired of even looking on the site proper — it’s that bad.

The solidity of this blog’s content has been suffering as a result, so I’m going to take a bit to rest and give myself breathing room, but I WILL resume posting by the 21st of this month.

You have my word, or I’m not Troythulu, but a pod-person who’s taken his place…

During the next week, I’ll continue moderating comments and do basic site maintenance, so feel free to browse the homepage and archives and comment as you please on anything you find interesting, amusing (or to some of you, objectionable).

So here’s a little musical entertainment by Symphony of Science, “A Glorious Dawn” with the autotuned voices of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to keep you busy while on the homepage. Enjoy, and I’ll be back next week. Stay cool everyone, you all been terrific and I love ya.

— Troythulu

5 thoughts on “Notice to my Readers for Nov.14-21, 2010

  1. That is sad to me. I recently posted a blog about why I don’t think that skeptics don’t need to be so ceiling-cat cruel to their fellow skepitcs — but ah well some people will never learn. Personally, I very much enjoy this blog and will very much miss you. I also don’t think that you have done anything wrong but understand that you need a break and hope to hear from you again soon …


  2. Thanks for taking time out from your break to tweet my “Poll-Crashing” blog … Alas, I didn’t make the front page this time because the lols chosen for the voting were, frankly, really lame but I did learn to appreciate the value of having friends like you on the internet which is far more important than any silly cat-contest thing-a-magig ….


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