Richard Wiseman – The skull

This is a nice little video conjuring illusion by psychologist Dick Wiseman of “Quirkology” fame, that is neither edited nor makes use of any CGI effects. I’d recommend stopping the video just after the trick to try to figure out how he did it yourself, then restarting it for the reveal afterward to test your guess. You’ll be surprised how simple it turns out to be. Sheer brilliance, Prof. Wiseman, good show!

3 thoughts on “Richard Wiseman – The skull

  1. I haven’t been to Quirkology in a long time. It seems like they didn’t update for a while. Just shows how easily the five senses can be deceived, which makes personal testimony (in many cases) as credible as a child.



    1. I’m planning on getting some of his books, including the one coming out in 2011. That’ll be cool, and it’ll go nicely with my copy of Ray Hyman’s the Elusive Quarry.


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