Troythulu can haz another *Aha* moment…

Troythulu has long been considering his approach as this blog’s author. He has decided that he needn’t microscopically scrutinize what he says and posts in order to be civil to those who not only express objections to what is posted here, otherwise perfectly legitimate objections, but who also show deceptive intellectual styles and tactics in this blog’s comment threads and email inbox.

Troythulu has discovered by time-tested and progressively refined empirical methods that such concern about civility is often wasted on those who insist on being willfully unreasonable.

Other bloggers have had quite a bit of experience in dealing effectively with the often vociferous species and subspecies of the troll clade. But Troythulu has learned since from his friend =^skeptic cat^= that trolls are a boon, a useful resource, and that any blog without occasional visits by at least a single denizen of Trollsville hasn’t really gotten anywhere.

*Shifts to first-person narrative*

For what it’s worth, I’m proud to have had several trolls in the nearly two years since I started this blog. Thanks, guys (and maybe a gal or two), you’re a sign that I’ve been getting traffic, as well as an environmental selective pressure in my blogging evolution…


But it is unwise first to not recognize them and second, to feed them once they are recognized. Lesson learned: Trolls will remain unfed. Thank you, Gordon…Mauricio…I tip my hat to the both of you.

*Eldritch chortle*

Sure, there’s a certain amount of ambiguity to interpreting written or typed text, in particular when it is seen through the lens of strong belief, and especially on the interwebz, so offense to someone is inevitable if those ambiguities and any strong ideological biases make the perceived meaning of a post uncertain. And you know what?

I don’t give a crap. Sure, I’m reasonably good at restraining my quick temper and an overt will to dickishness, but there’s no chance for a snowball fight in Beelzebub’s backyard that I can succeed in placating every person who has or will read or watch what I post on the Call.

To demand of that I do so to the conceivable satisfaction of all is unreasonable, and a tall order of nonsense indeed. So there.

But I examine everything I publish lately, generally editing it 20-25 times for grammar and stylistic errors before posting. It’s acceptable to not understand everything I write; that’s to be expected. But I’m annoyed by people who can’t be bothered to actually read past the first line of text of the damn post and even try to know what they are talking about when they comment. Dr. Sagan, how I envy your nigh-legendary patience and teaching skill…


It seems almost a law of nature that one can’t possibly be a skeptic, and an atheist, and speak or blog about it without offending someone’s delicate sensitivities.

The very subject matter of this site’s content, no matter the presentation, no matter how polite, conciliatory or even, yes, likable the style it’s written in, is bound to get somebody who believes that sort of thing, whoever it is, royally pissed off. It’s just an occupational hazard of skeptical blogging.

Minding me, and only me, is what’s important. I can’t mind other peoples’ perception of me since I’m not in possession of any cool mental powers (“To me, my X-Cthulhus!” ~ Professor C) in this or any other reality. All that matters is relating the truth as I understand it, actively seeking to understand it to begin with, and in general being willing to accept or dismiss claims based on my evaluation of the evidence and reasoning for them. That’s it.

So, that being said…

Sceptical Cat,  is beset with scepticism.


2 thoughts on “Troythulu can haz another *Aha* moment…

  1. It’s actually kind of sad that people would behave this way because all they are really doing is excluding themselves from the broader conversations. I’ve encountered a lot of Conspiracy Theorists and it strikes me that a lot of these guys are actually very interested in history and if they would take a deep breath and get off their high-horses for a minute they might be enriched intellectually to learn how objective historical analysis is performed. Creationists seem to take a great interest in some of the sciences and seem unaware of the opportunity they’re blowing to learn from a professional in the field. I see it from guys on my side of the discussion as well, for instance some theologians actually know quite a bit about religion and the attitude of “oh they’re just poopie” or whatever has derailed many a potentially enlightening discourse.


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