2 thoughts on “Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science

  1. The audience seemed to have no idea the presenter was ripping up a Kenyan 10-trillion-dollar bill and what that had to do with the US debt and losing the US dollar — or what it had to do with the rest of the presentation, for that matter.
    I’ll tell you: it was a shameful bit of libertarian economic craptrap — a small segment of their usual “fiat money is evil, gold should be $10,000 an ounce, entitlement programmes will result in government seizing all your property and income” alarmism.


    • I tend to be a bit wary about economic or political views of scientists and even skeptics, like Penn Jillette’s and Mike Shermer’s positions regarding that sort of thing.

      Don’t get me wrong: They’re both great guys, but politics is one of those emotionally charged areas where few if any are truly objective. And the more open they are about such views, the higher the red flags get raised in my head.

      I find most of Mike’s books on science and skeptical issues terrific reads, and very informative, but most of what he says politically I have to take with a grain of salt and look a little deeper.

      I have a friend at the local game shop who, though a religious believer (though not preachy about it) and a (more outspoken)politics buff, gives me the impression that his political opinions are the more fervently held of the two sets of views.

      I have my opinions and leanings too, but I generally prefer to keep them to myself.


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