A Wee, or Maybe not so Wee, Bit of Wackjobbery

I find the title of this video series, “Labyrinth of Truth,” amusingly ironic, and an intellectual achievement worthy of the use of what is quickly becoming my favorite image…after all, the creator of the video couldn’t even correctly identify the game he thought he was talking about *giggle*

6 thoughts on “A Wee, or Maybe not so Wee, Bit of Wackjobbery

  1. Ummmm……..Errrr…….Its 0359, I’m going back to bed and hopefully I won’t have nightmares about our future generations……. Although, it is fun watching people choke on satire sometimes, I wonder how many won’t even realize and will take this as some great revelation……


    • DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! DANGER! … ARRgghhh….. Ok, now its 1945 and I am quite awake and watching this again. Just before the 4:40 mark: If the Illuminati created “worms”, then implied is that they also created the internet for those worms to travel on, and if “they” created the internet, then how can you say it is the last “free” form of communication??? ….I now return to watching the previous babble. ……Well, I do give it pretty good marks for production. Good music scoring too. 🙂


  2. So I went ahead and got an account, and yes this image is about how I feel on Mondays
    when I read something that makes me want to crawl back in my den and make ii so there is
    two more weeks of winter..No wait that’s the ground hog. _giggles_ either way, this imange made
    me smile.


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