The Tyranny of Evidence: Do Scientists Use Dogma?

C0nc0rdance | August 12, 2009

Is evolution a religion? Should we describe the positions of scientists as dogma?
Is science democratic? Isn’t there room for debate on the issues of science?
Why can’t we teach both sides? Isn’t that good science pedagogy?

Here’s some links to additional information
1. [Neutral] Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (AAH)…
2. Critical of AAH
3. Favorable of AAH…

4. [Neutral] Endosymbiotic Theory (EST)…
5. Critical of EST
6. Favorable of EST…

7. [Neutral] for Intelligent Design…
8. Critical of Intelligent Design
http:// Entire scientific community / (hah, joke!)
9. Favorable of EST

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