Geocentric…or Egocentric? — Likely Both Together

I think that there is a certain amount of self-questioning that comes with skeptical thinking. For myself, I’m always asking whether I’ve done things correctly, asking about a proposed action’s likely consequences, and most importantly how and if I truly know what I think I do when given reason for uncertainty on the matter in question.

No one is more critical of yours truly than me.

This self-doubt, healthy when done in moderation, appears to be linked in seeming paradox to confidence — in questioning our knowledge and alleged abilities, provided that these then pass this gauntlet of querying — this rigor thereby making said confidence more robust.

In small doses, this insecurity keeps us honest, lets us find out if we truly do know that which we think we do, and if not, gives us a reason to resolve the situation. It’s when, taken to an extreme that this otherwise useful self-doubt blossoms into a full-blown pathological insecurity that it becomes correlated with the extremes of conviction we call fanaticism.

Those harboring this hyperactive self-doubt are often driven to confirm their beliefs to themselves by attempting to convince others of them as well, often as vociferously and aggressively as they can manage in order to relieve the anxiety cause by their discomfort with uncertainty.

Human beings are psychologically ill-suited for easily accepting ambiguity. It’s when I saw this (Click me here) last night in checking Twitter that that fact became strikingly apparent.

“The First Catholic Conference on Geocentrism”…Who would’a thunk it?

Personally, I find this at once both amusing and saddening that those physically dwelling in this day and age would be so driven by zealotry and conceit that they would willingly and knowingly post their misgivings on a website for all the world to see, and thus subject themselves to much well-deserved derision.

Yes, Troythulu is an evil bastitch…

Please, fellas, as soon as you’re willing and able to join the rest of humanity in the twenty-first century and leave behind your long-demoted medieval need to literally be central to the universe, let us know. After all, my most excellent D00ds…the truth shall set you free — even if at first you don’t like it.

4 thoughts on “Geocentric…or Egocentric? — Likely Both Together

  1. Consider this paradox: None other that the Self can doubt the Self.

    It’s actually a fun linguistical Uroboros. Try this one: I don’t believe in My Self.

    Actually, as I was compiling The Theory, I soon appreciated why I doubt My Self. That thing called the Self is the Center of the Universe.




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