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Fiction — A Moment of Urgency

The Mirus was mildly annoyed.

Within the last week he had been forced to destroy several warships of his former “employers,” the Kai’Siri, an aggressive and technologically adept xenohuman species that was well-known for its military prowess.

The Mirus was pondering what to do next, when his ship’s avatar, an android fashioned in the form of a young Kai’Siri woman, called his attention to a holographic display that had just winked into life. It showed a remote place, a desert scene, on Earth, his current planet of residence.

Well, actually he lived in orbit around it, in his only real home, a remodeled experimental Bloodferret-class battleship he called the Kai’Siri Angel, a reference to the alien girl who sacrificed herself to help him steal the ship and escape. Needless to say, the Kai’Siri had been very persistent in attempting to recover their property — both himself and the ship.

Persistent, but unsuccessful.

The Mirus smiled at the thought of another encounter, surgically-implanted canine teeth, pointed but notable only with lips parted, showing. The hypershard in his brain called for him to unleash it’s power once again, to wreak superforce mayhem upon the alien humans who angered him like a god of destruction.

He focused his attention to the screen and quelled his urge, quieting the hypershard’s inner siren voice.

On the screen he saw a human, perhaps in his fifties, a bit thin and with a profuse beard and sun-darkened skin. This was someone who worked outdoors, but what was he doing? Digging something up…an old prospector from the 1880s? No. The date indicator on the upper left of the holoscreen said 2016, April 6.

He noticed that the man was inspecting something…it looked like petrified bone, probably millions of years old…then he knew — the man was a scientist…a paleontologist, judging from his excited reaction to his find, and the care he displayed in removing the surrounding rock encrusting it.

This would not be of much consequence were it not for the fact that the dig he was witnessing was near a navigational Beacon he had put there some time ago, allowing his ship to home in on this one planet from anywhere in the galaxy, the Beacon’s signal could only be picked up by the sensory mechanisms of his hypershard, and only when he was symbiotically hooked into his ship’s one-of-a-kind trans-cosmic S-drive.

The Beacon was also his only link with this universe, and considering the difficulty of obtaining it, he could not afford to have someone stumble across it and accidentally damage it.

He may never get another.

He must somehow, preferably without harming the fellow, get him and his teammates away from the site before he discovers the Beacon.

Too late. Time to think of another course of action.

His mirant blood ran cold momentarily when one of the others participating in the dig uncovered something he recognized — the Beacon, the transponder diagnostic display on its casing reading in Kai’Siri Romuutan characters, these and an understanding of its construction, or its purpose, unknown to the curious Homo sapiens who uncovered it.

“Imoen,” he said to the ship’s avatar, “I’m going on a little excursion below. Ready the teleport system.” Wheels within wheels turned in his mind as he left the command bridge of his ship and considered what to do next…preferably nonlethal.

After all, he despised the thought of having to kill innocent baselines. He actually liked humans.

Evolution of Technology – HQ (Saturn Commercial)

Here’s something that’s been sitting in my draft-box for a while — a cute little German commercial for the now-defunct Saturn automobile company — I just love the animation…and the T-rex with a smokestack is cool too…

Client: SATURN
Advertising Agency: Scholz&Friends, Berlin, Germany (
Creative Director: Oliver Handlos
Art Director: James Cruickshank, Michael Hess
Copywriter: Felix Fenz, Sebastian Plum, Bastian Engbert

Management Supervisor: Uli Schuppach
Account Supervisor: Sandra Ortmann, Jürgen Fink
TV-Producer: Claudia Knipping, Nina Heyn, Mathis Rekowski

Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Executive Producer: Lutz Müller
Producer: Tobias Steinhauser
DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe
Postproduction: Alex Grau
Charakter-Design: Jeff Julian, Big Lazy Robot

Sounddesign: Audioforce