Sigh…Why am I not surprised?

It looks as if Fred Phelps’ merry inbreds are going to make themselves personae non grata yet again, this time planning to picket the funeral of the late Black Sabbath member Ronnie James Dio. As always, they preach the gospel of fear and hate, and indeed, I wonder what the reason is for this: At least one member of the Westboro Baptist Church (not affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denomination, I have been informed) has expressed the view that she hopes that everybody but the Phelps Clan goes to hell. If some members feel that only the WBC should be saved and no congregation but blood relatives qualify for this, they’re just trying to gain attention, not converts, but I could be wrong…

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Ronnie James Dio’s public memorial service

…and I have an image for this occasion that is getting lonely in my media library and wants some airtime…

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