Sad. Pathetic. This is a complete educational travesty.

Well, it looks like the Orwellian Ministry of Truth (*ahem* Texas Board of Education *ahem*) has succeeded in whitewashing U.S. history for the purpose of brainwashing students for their Right Wing authoritarian agenda…

…at least for now.

This can only increase the need for remedial education in higher institutions, maybe beyond the capacity of said institutions to adequately supply it to those who need it, and there will be many.

I can also see the litigation that will result when those of us who aren’t Right Wing conservatives object to these mind-control attempts and try to do something about it, like kick these revisionist nut-balls off the School Board.

Damage control…why is it so often needed?

3 thoughts on “Sad. Pathetic. This is a complete educational travesty.

  1. AAArrrggghhh….. I am SO tired of the Churchers trying to push society over to their side, just as I am SO tired of the Liberals in Washington trying to go overboard with womb to the tomb programs for people. Yes, we should study the Mayflower Compact, but not as a shining example of what we should have been, but rather for what it really was, a shining example of what could be, that failed, and then study why it failed. Students should study the Federalist Papers. They should also study the Anti-Federalist Papers. The Magna Carta, and Englands unwritten constitution. If you want to study Isreal fine, but be honest about it and include why the arbitrary punitive decisions of WWI led to the awful mess of today. This week has been really bad for truth, hopefully it will make a comeback soon. Another example is this Global Warming/ Climate Change mess with Mann and Cuccinelli. I’ve heard people exclaim “How DARE the Va AG (attorney general) ask UVa to produce papers on the subject of global warming by Mann.” Ummm, Hello!, I thought that was one of the foundations of science. That Science is factual by observing reproducible results. Math is math. While it is unusual for an AG to be inserting himself into a scientific debate, if somebody has suggested fraud with state funds and he doesn’t look into it he is being negligent in his job. Data is Datd, Math is Math, I’m quite sure somebody in the state offices or at another institution could run the numbers and come up with the same answer. Instead of getting all indignant about the sanctity of science, the proper response would have been for UVa to say “Sure, Here, Knock yourself out. Please confirm our results independently!” ……….bleh……….Atlas is indeed getting tired.


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