This is plainly ridiculous…

I find this article to be contemptuous of the intelligence of its readers, as I do those who claim to have ‘studied’ the tricky fellow in question. To quote one of my uncles “They don’t call these guys fakirs for nothing.” — See for yourself…

‘Starving yogi’ astounds Indian scientists

4 thoughts on “This is plainly ridiculous…

  1. I would really like to read the article on the Yogi on BreitBart BUT…… Merril Lynch has some sort of stupid ad that blanks out the article until you watch their little pop-up embedded clip. The problem is that their coding sucks and it doesn’t properly resize for my screen and I can’t close the D!@# thing even when it’s finished playing! ….and what moronic webmaster (webjerk?!?) sets a pop-up to default to loop?!?!?!? ……bleh……. I’m still putting the Yogi under the heading of “Fraud” until proven otherwise. 🙂 Thougt you would get a giggle from MSN’s blip on him.


  2. All I have to say is … where is the proof from all the years before, I don’t see it. That’s a week without anything and if there trying to hoax people that is just sad. You know I can only hope the government doesn’t buy into this wackiness I can’t say that our military doesn’t have enough issues. >.<

    Though you can go without food with proper meditation and Yoga that is usually only for a small amount of time and for religious purposes I can't imagine anyone doing it ALL the time., you can not feed from sunlight or energy around you chalk another article up to something to make me roll my eyes.


    • What I find questionable are the competence and professional ethics of those conducting that test. Scientists are notorious for not being able to detect trickery in those skilled at it, since they often have this “I’m too smart to be fooled” attitude. And if they are in on the trickery, what does that say about their honesty?


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