Last Look Back — Farewell to a Friend

It’s been a rough week, and barely after the passing of my little cat, Sammy. Thanks to all of you who’ve offered their sympathy over the last seven days — You guys have been a huge comfort to me, =^skeptic cat^=, Jay, Xarcht, Todd, and anyone else who commented on last Monday’s post or otherwise helped out my Troythuluness since then. Thanks, guys.

It does no good though, to try to convince myself of Sammy continuing to be in any sort of kitteh afterlife, or any other sort of literal spiritual immortality. As much as I’d like to believe, for the shallow comfort it might give me, I have little reason to accept it at the expense of my grasp on reality. Sorry, but delusional thinking does not appeal to me. Hence the skepticism. I could be wrong, it would be nice if I were, but rather than postulate an unlikely dualistic immortality of the soul, even that of a beloved pet and friend over at least the past decade, it seems more likely that Sammy has gone into that Undiscovered Country forever, no longer suffering and in an endless, dreamless, and comforting sleep.

Sammy will go on in the memories I and others have of her, and hopefully, at least as long as this website exists if not longer. I’ll never forget. Even a full week later, the hole is still there, but maybe time does heal all things…We shall see…My thanks go out to Pumpkin and That Fellow in Yellow for the pics posted with this entry. It’s been a trying week — Again, thank you all. And one last time for the road — take care, old girl Sammythulu.

2 thoughts on “Last Look Back — Farewell to a Friend

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