I was looking through my comments, and found this little gem posted as a response to one of my old video entries on Out of Body Experiences. I thought it might be fun to post it here where you all can see it for yourselves and try to figure out exactly what this guy is saying. Let me know if you’re just as perplexed as my Troythuluness was. Do try not to ridicule though: the man is obviously psychologically disturbed and mental illness is not funny. Except for the deletion of personal data, this comment is verbatim:

The fact that the brain received magnetic fields does not proved that the brain “created the experiences”.
Our soul receives physical imput through our senses and the brain. It is logical that our soul reacts to the magnetic input.
This experiment does not prove that the brain can cause our soul to be on another country instantaneously, telepathy, etc.
It’s like saying “by typing in the keyboard of this computer I conclude that the keyboard is responsible to make me go to any website in the internet.”

Besides, there is a huge physical evidence of existance of ghosts (is that caused by our brains too?). Are the brains of animals useless? Only ours are good?

We are not a physical body, we are powerful “energy” beings connected in a huge multidimensional/multiuniverse network that some people call “God”.

Claudio [personal data redacted], and OBE traveler like everybody else (with different “awareness/focus levels”, that’s it).

So, what do you think? I couldn’t make any sense of it. Let me know in the comments…

(Last updated 10:04, 10/24/2009)

One thought on “Urrgh???

  1. He’s built a system of thought that is (to him) internally consistent and thus true. Bad data guided by a sort of logic will create such an outcome. I don’t agree that he is mentally ill (unless you were being sarcastic 🙂 ) because there are an amazing amount of people out there who truly do think like that (then again, maybe they are all ill…but nay, we all should allow ourselves a little delusion, and say they are not.) It comes from reading one or two books on the subject written by really convincing writers, a few rhetorical tricks pandering to our pride (things like “Do not be taken in by the claims of skeptics too afraid to see the truth”), and a perception of science as that magical thing which makes their computers run.
    His assumptions such as the existence of a soul and us being “energy” beings (note he puts it in inverted-commas as though he’s not exactly sure what energy is, but knows its a term used in the context of such things and gives it a veneer of scientific credibility) are probably so ingrained now that he cannot imagine a universe where it would not be true.
    The mistaken intellectual superiority, or pride, on the part of such people is really, really scary to behold. And dangerous. People who really have a strong unshakable belief in anything, whether it is actually the truth or not, win in the short term, because humans are social herd animals and follow leaders of confidence. It is sad that, to the general public, science is the shakiest edifice on which to build their church, precisely because of its greatest strength: The willingness to admit that it is wrong.

    I really think the only way actual science and logic can succeed in this world is through an outright show of forced change, as in the Renaissance Era and, later, the Age of Steam. I have given up nearly all hope on reasoned argument against such people. How can reason win against a lifetime of ‘common sense’, especially when the well has been long poisoned against the scientific method with flattery and clever words?


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