Skating Babies & Modern Advertising Ploys

As cute as the video above is, it shows something typical of many modern advertisers in using less direct, more subtle ways of marketing the health benefits of their product, in this case bottled tap water.

It’s a good way to avoid all the legal hassles of having federal organizations, like the FTC or FDA here in the U.S., getting all over them like stink on a lemur’s tail for making more direct unsubstantiated claims about, say, distilled tap water literally maintaining one’s youth or obviously ridiculous ones, like restoring you to athletically superhuman infancy. They’re not actually saying it will, not in a way anyone can pin on them.

Granted, it’s generally more healthy to drink water than say, sodas or beer, but really…it’s just…water.

It is a funny commercial though, so it still gets points for amusement value from my troythuluness.

This is getting in on the act of the nutritional supplement industry too, which is allowed to sell its wares as food items rather than drugs, even though nutritional and herbal supplements have demonstrable physiological effects on the human body, and are by that criterion…drugs.

As long as marketers don’t make specific medical health claims about their product, they’re usually fine, often giving disclaimers like: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or somesuch.

Yep, I suppose even snake-oil salesmen in the modern world have adaptively radiated in their marketing strategies to survive in an environment of federal regulators and lawsuits, and seem to be doing well here in the Colonies… Fnord.

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