Mr. Eccles Presents | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of the Internet

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For something of such obvious importance, money is kind of mysterious. It can, as Homer Simpson once memorably noted, be exchanged for goods and services. But who decides exactly how many goods/services a given unit of money can buy? And what maintains the social contract that we all agree to go along with it?

Technology is changing what money is and how we use it, and Neha Narula is a leader in thinking about where money is going. One much-hyped aspect is the advent of blockchain technology, which has led to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We talk about what the blockchain really is, how it enables new kinds of currency, and from a wider perspective whether it can help restore a more individualistic, decentralized Web.

NehaNarula is the Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT. She obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from MIT, and worked at Google and Digg before joining the faculty there. She is an expert on scalable databases, secure software, cryptocurrencies, and online privacy.

Quid Novi? | An Oncoming Storm

Vanakkam! I’ve scheduled today’s and this Thursday’s entry early, as my family and I ready for a storm that’s on its way up the coast, and head to a place we’ll be staying at once we leave town for the duration. The governor has already ordered mandatory evacuations for our area, and I won’t be one to argue against that, considering the danger the region will face. Our home will surely lose power during the storm, which may not be restored until days afterward, so away we go until all is ready. We’re taking the kitties with us, and whatever we can safely carry with us to a high-and-dry spot further inland. To any Virginia locals reading this: if you’re in a designated evacuation zone, seek whatever safety you can and don’t try to ride this one out by yourselves. We made that mistake with Hurricane Isabel some years ago, and we were damned lucky that little but a mere power outage and irritating Internet blackout happened. No more. Stay cool, or warm, depending on your hemisphere and latitude of residence on the planet, and if a fellow Hampton Roads local, stay safe and well-stocked.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Cat Thursday | Rickythulhu Rising

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It’s all for the love of cats! Enjoy! This meme is hosted by the True Book Addict!

This week, I’m some photo portraits that have been filtered through Prisma, a few recent shots of Ricky the Maine coon from when he was lounging in my lap during study. These were all taken using the app’s free version.

I’m going to take next week off from blogging, as a recent tragedy with a friend of the family has really put a damper on my motivation. I’m not at liberty to discuss any details, but I wish his family and associates the best, and offer my condolences for this terrible loss. Just thought I’d let you know.

So, heres Ricky, in some of his best recent moments, with his fluffy, majestic self!

And finally, the current wallpaper on my iPad Mini:

So, until the week after next,

Be well. Be safe. Be brilliant as the stars.

Logico Fractatus | Quaternion Rising

Vanakkam. This week, I’m working and playing with Julia sets. In playing with one of my iPad apps, QJulia HD, here’s one such fractal, but of a strange sort! While regular Julia sets use two-dimensional complex numbers for their position on the complex number plane, this one is a quaternion, one using a four-dimensional complex number defined for a hypercomplex space. I’m unsure that I’ll make much further use of the app, but this isn’t too bad for something of such limited scope!

May you have a great Tuesday, and in abbreviated Soruggon,

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Mr. Eccles Presents | “Do They Really Believe That?”

“Matt Dillahunty has been hosting The Atheist Experience, a live call-in show for more than 11 years.”

“Matt has challenged assumptions and opened minds and engaged in thousands of conversations over the years. Matt looks back and reflects on some of the difficulties he’s encountered and the lessons he’s learned.”

“Before discovering skepticism and humanism, Dillahunty spent 25 years as a Southern Baptist with ambitions of becoming a minister.”

“In this talk at CFI headquarters in Amherst, New York, on May 13th 2016, he discusses how we all have firmly held beliefs that we will discover to be false at some point in our lives, and how we can have meaningful conversations with people who hold beliefs different than our own.”

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